National Geographic Adventure

National Geographic Adventure

Photo by @christianpondella | Everybody loves a little hang time, @sage_cattabriga_alosa enjoying a moment of flight with a cushy landing.
Photo by @donaldmiralle // On the biggest swell last season at Mavericks @therealaarongold finds himself in a scary situation dropping down the face of a beast. Looking forward to seeing what monsters the North Pacific brings us this winter...
Photo by @Andy_Best // Gravity winds pummeling the mountains of New Zealand. Just north of Mt. Cook a short distance we flew dropping and rising by hundreds of feet per second. From cameras floating, to guts in the seats, I have to admit I was a bit tense. Meanwhile the locals giggling. I gotta get back for more. @jase_hancox @frasermcdougall @lone.bison @andy_best
Photo by @celinserbo // Fading light hits Alpamayo (5947 m) in the Cordillera Blanca Range of Peru. Widely considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, it was first climbed in 1957.
Photo @coreyrichproductions | Freedom means the ability to go do frivolous things just because they’re exciting, fun, and give our lives meaning. No wonder people build their lives around the climbing lifestyle. It’s full of free spirits like my friend Timmy O’Neill (@timmyoneill), shot here in Yosemite, years ago.
Photo by @taylorglenn | Nothing like magic hour in The Needles. @jer.collins sending a four star classic in hero light. #climbing #california
Photo by @sav.cummins | Trying to catch a good moment in the last of the glowing light is like trying to catch good friends passing through a place you happen to be in at the same time, difficult but worth the glow it creates. @jweimer22 on Plumb Line 5.10a in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Photo by @christianpondella | @adrianballinger, @lynseydyer , and @drewtabke take a morning stroll amongst the Peruvian giants.
Photo by @jamesqmartin The first time I lead the opening bit of North 6 Shooter I accidentally kicked my cam (my removable protection) with my foot when I was desperately wiggling my way thru the hard wide parts at the top of the pitch... thankfully I didn’t realize my last piece of gear was 20+ feet below me when I got to the anchor..... @katerutherford had none of these issues when she casually fist jammed the OW section of this classic pitch. To learn more about this story and other adventures check out @jamesqmartin
Photo by @donaldmiralle // Exploring slot canyons in the beautiful American Southwest. These amazing sheer rock walls eroded by flood water cutting through sandstone are an amazing study of time and light as a photographer. Here is Lower Antelope Canyon, called Hazdistazí, or 'spiral rock arches' by the Navajo.
Photo @coreyrichproductions | Yes, we did sleep here. My friends Justin Bastien (@justinbastien), Brittany Griffith (@brittany_griffith) and I flew to the Alps for a friend's wedding, but that was really just an excuse to climb. Just as you don’t need a ton of money to enjoy a week of climbing in Europe, you also don’t need a ton of photo gear to make a great image. Today, when I look at this image, I know I could probably capture a photograph like this with my eyes closed. However, thinking back to my college-aged self standing outside that tent, shivering in the freezing cold, holding a light meter with wooden fingers, and waiting patiently for the light to be just right, I don’t see a cliché photograph of a lit tent. I see a kid learning and embracing lessons that will serve him throughout his career. // JUSTIN BASTIEN & BRITTANY GRIFFITH - MONT BLANC, CHAMONIX, FRANCE 17–35MM LENS / F/2.8 / 1 SECOND / FUJI VELVIA FILM // If you LIKE this post, you’ll LOVE my forthcoming book “STORIES BEHIND THE IMAGES: Lessons from a Life in Adventure Photography.” This book is my most personal work yet … my testament to the importance of FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION. Check out the link in my bio to learn more.
Photo / @inwaterwetrust The moment of anticipating the best feeling a surfer can have in this life. @rickslim being blessed by the Balinese Gods.