National Geographic Your Shot

National Geographic Your Shot

Summer Vacation | Photograph by T. Kameyama | "I went to the Nagaoka fireworks with my family again this year," writes T. Kameyama. "My daughter wore a yukata and enjoyed the magnificent fireworks." #YourShotPhotographer
Angelita | Photograph by Fabrice Guerin (@fabriceguerin) | "When you dive in this natural cave called Cenote Angelita, the light goes from green to blue, creating a beautifully surreal scene," writes Fabrice Guerin. "At about 30 meters deep, there is a layer of hydrogen sulphide which separates the fresh water from the deeper salt water. This atmosphere is similar to a lunar landscape. It's an amazing and unique experience in the life of an underwater photographer. The mysticism and beauty of this underwater landscape makes me feel like I discovered another world."  #YourShotPhotographer
Yellow Pulka | Photograph by Oscar Manguy | "We finished a six day ski traverse in the Syote National Park in Finland, the temperatures varied between -20 c / -30 c, camping in this conditions is interesting," writes Oscar Manguy. "For the past month, I have been living below cero adventuring out in the Finnish Lapland traveling and exploring the frozen Arctic forest. I have traveled to many places from the Brooks Range to Punta Arenas, but this place is magical, the silence of the winter gets very loud in here. Just don't freeze your toes." #YourShotPhotographer
Visions of America | Photograph by Bruno Manduca | "We as humans trust the value of symbols to guide us in our life," writes Bruno Manduca. "Here in New York, no symbol is more powerful and suggestive than the one seen here through the windows of the Staten Island Ferry." #YourShotPhotographer
Sponsored by @mazdausa // This week's featured #NatGeoMazdaContest photo comes from @markus.isler, who shot this surfer on a snowy beach in Lofoten, Norway. “The determination of the surfer was truly inspirational. Neither the freezing cold, nor the lack of waves stopped him from trying to surf in less than perfect conditions.” // Enter the #NatGeoMazdaContest to win the opportunity to be one of National Geographic’s next great storytellers. When you are out with your camera, what remarkable or impactful moments have you captured We want to see what inspires you. Upload a gallery of 3-5 images to your Instagram account as one post, with the hashtag #NatGeoMazdaContest, tagging @natgeoyourshot. The contest, presented by @MazdaUSA, runs through November 18, 2019. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S./D.C. only; 18+. For more information go to
Carnival | Photograph by Kelly Bell (@kellybellphoto)  | A scene from the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair.  #YourShotPhotographer
Fun with Shadows | Photograph by Anna Sygula | " Even in the shadows you can still see their character," writes Anna Sygula.  #YourShotPhotographer
Vibrant Life on a Commercial Street | Photograph by Nikhil Rasiwasia | Vibrant street shoppers enjoying their daily lives during Ramadan in Commercial Street, Bangalore.  #YourShotPhotographer
The Trenches of Eastern Ukraine | Photograph by Noah Brooks | "On my third trip to Ukraine I spent four days on the front line with a volunteer regiment of Ukraine's national guard," writes Noah Brooks. "This was our only shelter from the bullets, grenades, mortars, and artillery. A small hole dug into a hillside, with a big slab of steel ten inches thick layered over top. These trenches were just 200 yards away from their enemy. Pictured here, a soldier licks blood off his hand as he gathers ammunition and returns to battle." #YourShotPhotographer
Good Company | Photograph by Spencer Fochtman | "After an entire year of planning - In the end, what was supposed to be a two week weather window turned into an opportunity that belonged to a single morning," writes Spencer Fochtman. "A winter storm would arrive from Alaska later the same afternoon, bringing twenty-foot swell and more rain. Any chance myself and Dan Worden had of creating the image would be gone for another year, when the sun would again rise from precisely where we required to capture the image we had spent so much time planning for."  #YourShotPhotographer
Under the Consciousness | Photograph by Zhou Chengzhou | "This piece mainly expresses the appearance of a human being in the subconscious form. It is difficult to have such a form in reality; only in the brain and perhaps a mental illness can it take shape, and convey the different personalities of different people," writes Zhou Chengzhou. "The alienation that takes place in the city and in the countryside. Alienation between people and industry. These alienations are often hidden. They are either passively hidden or actively hidden. Hidden in those corners, often unknown."  #YourShotPhotographer
Peeking | Photograph by Gary Zeng | “When walking along the trail in a city park, I noticed a northern saw-whet owl peeking through branches of a pine tree," writes Gary Zeng."Nothern saw-whet owls are one of the smallest owl species in North America." #YourShotPhotographer